Arabic Language training


Learn Arabic?

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is found, throughout the Arab world from Morocco to Iraq, in the prose of books, newspapers, periodicals and letters. It is also the spoken language employed in formal public address, conferences, over radio & television, and in religious ceremonial.
It is the language of millions of Arabs who have enjoyed basic education. Indeed, it gives the Arab peoples of many countries a sense of identity and an awareness of their common cultural heritage. On the other hand there exist the various local dialects, which are spoken at home, among friends, in the market etc.

In my experience people who want to learn arabic have a broad interest in culture & art, e.g. calligraphy, Quran or poetry. Other people love to speak Arabic and want to start with practical conversations, while in the meantime learning the alphabet. Learning the alphabet is essential for visitors of Arab countries, if only to be able to read the road signs. Diplomats, journalists, tourists and expats belong to this last group. Other people who need to pronounce arabic sentences professionally such as actors and musicians or persons who work with clients with an Arab background express a desire to learn Arabic  

1 person €25,- an hour

2 persons €15,- an hour p.p.

3 persons €10,- an hour p.p.

Language coaching and relaxation for students

Exams, stress, did not attend lectures, been ill?

Teacher of Arabic helps you through your exams and sends you relaxing energy (Reiki). Reiki is a Japanese form of healing which can be practised from a distance.

Learn Dutch? Dutch is spoken and understood throughout the Netherlands and the western part of Belgium (Flanders). For newcomers to our countries mastering the language is extremely important. Because I also speak Arabic this course is especially relevant for Arabic speaking students.

Your teacher Arthur Vreede